She was crying over a break up, and upset that she no longer had a date for the prom, but Kashlee Taylor-Proulx had no idea a chance remark would turn into a viral sensation.

The Kamloops teen was talking to a friend about her lack of a date, and how she wanted to show off her great prom dress.

"I brought up bringing Justin Trudeau," Taylor-Proulx told Daybreak Kamloops. "I don't know why, he was just the first person who came into my mind, and my friend thought it was hilarious."

The girls cooked up an impromptu invitation, took a picture of Taylor-Proulx holding it, and posted the photo to social media.

"When I looked at the Internet next, it had 500 likes and 300 shares, and I was really shocked."

Its since been posted and shared across several social media sites, and Taylor-Proulx puts its popularity down to it being unique.

"No one would really have imagined it, or have the guts to do it."

Still, while she says she would like to receive a phone call or an email, from Trudeau, she doesn't expect him to actually take her up on the offer.

"I understand if he doesn't, because he's like the prime minister and all."

And there is a back up plan: her dog.

"I have a little suit for him."

To listen to the full audio, click the link labelled: Kamloops teen aims to take the prime minister to prom.