'Joy of Painting' host Bob Ross honoured at Vancouver show

A group of local art lovers have put together a tribute show to the late painter, Bob Ross. Ross was the host of "The Joy of Painting" on PBS, where for over ten years, he instructed viewers on how to create mountains, lakes and trees on canvas.

Vancouver celebrates landscape master and host of 'The Joy of Painting'

Fans of landscape artist Bob Ross can celebrate him at a tribute art show at the Fall Tattoo and Art Gallery in Vancouver starting Saturday.

"Happy Little Clouds: A Bob Ross Art Show" is a compilation of artwork inspired by the late host of "The Joy of Painting" on PBS. Ross was a master of landscape paintings. He created just about anything found in nature, including mountains, lakes, snow, trees and bushes.

The CBC's Elaine Chau spoke with a few of the people taking part in the show. Hear from Mark Woodyard, Bobby Dimock, and Robyn Hanson about why they love Bob Ross.

The show runs until March 23, 2014.

with files from the CBC's Elaine Chau