Imagine a world where Vancouver had pedestrian-only streets, amphitheatres at intersections to celebrate local artists, and a 100 per cent green economy. That's the world Guy Dauncey creates in his book, launching today, called Journey To The Future.

In the fictional story, a young man named Patrick Wu visits Vancouver in 2032 which has — true to the current municipal government's goal — become one of the greenest cities in the world.

Author and environmentalist Guy Dauncey says it's all based on real-life inventions that are already happening.

"I've got 940 end notes to this book. Every time I bring in an innovation … they're all happening today already somewhere," he said.

"So clearly the weaving of it together is a fantasy but each of the components of that vision are already happening somewhere."

guy dauncey journey to the future

Author Guy Dauncey says his new book explores the question, "what if Vancouver really came through on this promise to become the greenest city in the world?" (Submitted by Guy Dauncey)

Dauncey says the book is meant to show Vancouver can have a sustainable future — one that is realistic but hopeful as well.

"This is a massive work that shows in detail how Vancouver and British Columbia can move to a 100 per cent renewable energy, build a new green entrepreneurial cooperative economy, revive our neighbourhoods, bring street activity and community back [and] move all our farming toward organic."

The official book launch takes place Wednesday at the Vancouver Public Library central branch location at 7 p.m. PT.

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