B.C. resident Josephine James received quite the bundle of surprise this week after she went into the hospital with excruciating back pain, and ended up giving birth.

"Um, shock. Yeah. Just trying to get used to having a baby," she said.

Mother Josephine James - Surprise baby Nevaeh born Sept. 2, 2014

Nanaimo, B.C., resident Josephine James is the proud, happy and surprised new mother of a baby girl. (CBC)

Baby girl Nevaeh—the name is 'Heaven' spelled backward—arrived seven hours after her mother showed up at the ER at Nanaimo General Hospital. 

She was born healthy and full term Tuesday morning, weighing eight pounds and 14 ounces, and her loving family says she is both wanted and welcomed.

"She's an angel," James said, with fiancé Jonathan Phillips by her side.

​The 20-year-old woman, who works as a clerk at Rona, did not know she was pregnant until hospital staff told her she was in labour.

"No idea whatsoever. I had no cravings, no movement, no morning sickness," James said.

Parents Josephine James and Jonathan Phillips - Surprise baby Nevaeh born Sept. 2, 2014

Neither James nor her fiancé Jonathan Phillips knew she was pregnant. She was told she was going into labour by hospital staff when she went in complaining of back pain Monday night. (CBC)

She even dismissed the idea a few weeks ago when her mother piped up after suspecting something was different with her daughter.

"She was just standing a certain way at home and I was like, 'Jesus you look pregnant.' I did," said new grandma Diana Anglin said. "And she said 'no way, there's no chance.'"

James didn't think missing her periods was any indication that anything was going on—​she had gone through similar stretches in the past due to stress.

And while her weight seemed to fluctuate over the past several months, all her usual clothes still fit—​right up to walking into the emergency department Monday night.

"She wore the same pants. She didn't feel anything. She didn't look pregnant. She had no morning sickness, no.. nothin'," Anglin said. "So, since Monday night it's—I wouldn't really say a gong show—it's been a roller coaster."

Grandmother Diana Anglin - Surprise baby Nevaeh - Nanaimo, B.C. - born Sept. 2, 2014

New grandma Diana Anglin said she didn't believe her daughter when she called her from the hospital Monday night: "She is always clowning. She's always trying to trick me, so I didn't believe her." (CBC)

Anglin said she thought her daughter was teasing when she called from the hospital on Monday night to say she was in labour.

"She is always clowning. She's always trying to trick me, so I didn't believe her. This is the last thing I expected," she said.

Anglin said she still didn't believe it was happening until the baby was born.

"And I was like, 'Oh, my God!' and I pointed at her and I started laughing." Anglin said. "But I'm ecstatic."

With files from the CBC's Lisa Cordasco and CHEK News