On the same day the former head of the Vancouver Olympic Games formally denied sexual abuse allegations from two former students, another former student has filed a lawsuit alleging he, too, was abused by John Furlong.

In a civil lawsuit filed in Vancouver on Monday, a man said he was a nine-year-old student at Immaculata School in Burns Lake, B.C., when Furlong arrived as a volunteer teacher in 1969.

The man said Furlong isolated him in a small room after class, and on two occasions forced him to masturbate him. On a third occasion, the statement of claim said there was forced anal intercourse by Furlong.

"During and after he sexually abused the plaintiff, the defendant John Furlong called the plaintiff a 'dirty little Indian,"' the document said.

"The defendant John Furlong told the plaintiff that if he ever told anyone about the abuse no one would believe him."

The man said he has suffered emotionally and psychologically from the abuse, and "was generally disempowered as a result of racism and geographic isolation."

He said he did not seek legal advice and was unaware that he could bring legal action. He also does not want his identity to be made public at this time.

Neither Furlong's lawyer nor the media relations firm that represents him returned a request for a comment on the newest allegations.

None of the claims have been proven in court.

With files from CBC News