New Westminster police are on the hunt for eight very rare and valuable bows including the bow used by actor Jessica Biel in the movie, Blade Trinity.

Jennifer Garner also used the same bow in the movie, Elektra.

The bows were stolen in a break in, Friday morning at Boorman Archery at 422 east Columbia Street in New Westminster. The Blade Trinity bow, the top one in the photograph, is valued at  $5,000.

Boorman Archery stolen bows

The bow used by both Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner is the top bow in this photograph of eight bows that were stolen from Boorman Archery in New Westminster. (Boorman Archery)

Stephanie Smith who works at the store says thieves smashed a side window. She warns one of the missing weapons, a crossbow , could pose a deadly risk to its handler when loaded.

"The crossbow that they took is a little bit of a concern because it actually had a defective trigger on it. and if somebody actually gets that thing loaded, it could go off at any time," she said. "There is a definite risk of danger involved in that crossbow."

Neighbours called police following the break-in, but so far police have not been able to track down the bows or the suspects.

Smith says all of the bows are capable of inflicting serious injury or death. Anyone with information about the location of the weapons is asked to call police immediately.

Jennifer Garner

The bow was also used by Jennifer Garner in the movie, Elektra. (Disney)