A new jellyfish exhibit — featuring thousands of jellyfish from 15 species from around the globe — opens today at the Vancouver Aquarium.

"The beauty and tranquility of jellies will captivate anyone who walks through our door during Jelly Invasion," said John Nightingale, president of the Vancouver Aquarium.

"They are perhaps some of the most mesmerizing creatures to watch — as the number of hits to our jelly cam can attest — but they are also just plainly fascinating."

Visitors to the exhibit will learn all about the boneless, brainless and heartless animals — from how they reproduce to how dangerous they can be to people and fisheries.

Guests will also see several species of jellyfish, including the lion’s mane, a jellyfish whose tentacles can grow up to 60 metres long, about the length of five public transit buses parked end to end.