Two Royal Roads University students are gathering stories about friendliness in Vancouver, to counteract what they say are unfair stereotypes of the city.

"There has been some media saying that Vancouver's not such a friendly place," said Frances Clarke, one of the people behind the Our Friendly Vancouver project, in an interview with The Early Edition. "That's not been our experience."

Friendly Vancouver

Tara Hansen, on the left, and Frances Clarke, on the right, have been asking passers-by for their stories of friendliness in Vancouver. (Catherine Rolfsen)

Clarke and her colleague Tara Hansen have been setting up a booth at Nelson Park, in Vancouver's West End, to ask passers-by to share their stories of kindness or friendliness. They'll be back this Saturday starting at 9 am.

"People have been very positive about it," said Clarke. "We did have some people who, when we started to talk to them, wanted to go into the negative.

"We... would try and gently guide them back to give us one example of a positive experience.'"

The stories are being collected for a master's project at Royal Roads, but Hansen says there's a higher goal.

"If we can change the story, and if we can change what people believe our identity as a community is, we're hoping that will also start to shift the way we engage with one another in the city," she said.

What do you think? Is Vancouver a friendly city? Share your stories below.