The latest Science World commercial, made by Vancouver advertising agency Rethink, couldn't get the green light from the Television Bureau of Canada so Science World and the agency have instead released it on the internet.

Every year, Rethink comes up with new and interesting facts they bring to life for Science World and this year it's "optimists feel less pain."

In the spot, a terminally happy man is hit in the face with a newspaper, steps on a nail, is kicked by a kid, and shot with a flaming arrow which doesn't diminish his sunny the end of the ad...he's run over by a school bus. 

It's not the first time Science World has grabbed attention with provocative or risqué ads. Last August, for an exhibit on human sexuality, Science World ran an "orgasms can kill pain" spot and a print ad that claimed "ejaculation fights colds."

In 2010, Science World put up a 22-karat gold billboard near the entrance to Granville Island to promote a summer exhibit on the science of treasure hunting.

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With files from the CBC's Jeff Harrington