A Maple Ridge Grade 7 student is marking International Pi Day by reciting 400 digits of the infinite number.

Isha Dau used her older sister Kavita's memorisation method of assigning objects to numbers and using those objects to tell a story. 

"My number one is tea, my 14 is doctor and it's sitting on the edge of cup of tea. Fifteen is a doll and the doll comes it tries to drown the doctor in the cup of tea," Isha said.

Isha Dau pi

Isha Dau has memorised the first 400 digits of pi, she's hoping to memorise thousands more using her sister's memorisation method. (CBC)

400 digits later, the elaborate stories have played out, and she's managed to recite four minutes worth of numbers.

"It's based on the idea if you can make something more meaningful by attaching an image you can remember much better," explained Kavita. "It's not difficult to do, it's just a time thing. Put in the time [and] you can do really well."

And it's not just numbers the method can be applied to. 

"When I get into ... exams then I can memorise any fact in the exam," said Isha.

She's hoping to break the Canadian record and recite over 6,000 pieces of pi.