Mike Victory, seen before and after he was injured in a bike accident, hopes the Good Samaritan who came to his aid will come forward. (Family photo)

A Maple Ridge, B.C. man wants to thank the Good Samaritan who took care of him and his young son after he fell off a bike and blacked out.

Mike Victory was biking with his five-year-old son at the bike skills park in Port Coquitlam on Aug. 27, when he took a small jump, fell over the handle bars and landed face-first on the rocks.

Even though he was wearing a helmet, Victory suffered a concussion, fractured a vertebra, and has no memory of the next 45 minutes. He apparently had a seizure, then got up and stumbled to his car where he fiddled with the keys.

"I was walking around apparently while I was blacked out," Victory told CBC News on Thursday. "It's frightening to think I might have driven the car ... with my son."

A male cyclist noticed Victory's bruised and bloodied face and came to help, according to what Victory has been able to piece together from his son.

The man called 911 and while they were waiting for the paramedics, he loaded Mike's and his son's bikes into their car. The Good Samaritan didn't leave until the pair were picked up by Victory's sister-in-law.

Victory has put up signs in the park with a picture of him and his son and their phone number, hoping to contact the Good Samaritan.

"I really want to communicate how grateful I am ... for him being there," said Victory. "There are no guarantees that somebody would have done what he did. It's not a very populated park. I feel so lucky."