Children with autism now have their own library in the Lower Mainland where they can be themselves without fear of judgement or lack of accommodation.

The Autism B.C. Lending Library opened at the Pacific Autism Family Network on Cessna Drive in Richmond on Saturday.

"We're all aware of the difficulty sometimes of bringing an autistic child to a library; not often are they quiet, you can't often control them as much as you would a typical child," said Laurie Guerra, president on Autism B.C.

Guerra said she understands how parents feel in situations where their child is not accommodated because her own child has autism.

"You can't take them just any place. You can't take them to the standard library. You feel very judged," said Guerra.

The new space was designed with a technology station where children can use iPads and play games specifically designed for their disability.

There's also a space for kids to lie down or rest in piles of comfy bean bag chairs while listening to story time.

"Everybody is inclusive and understanding of what it's like to be autistic," said Guerra.