RCMP helicopter

RCMP helicopter Air 3 from Kelowna assisted in the rescue (RCMP)

One tough hunter is recovering at home after breaking his leg in a remote area of northern B.C. on the weekend.

The 63-year-old injured his leg while out in rugged terrain and was estimated to be at least a three-hour hike away from the nearest road.

But Dease Lake RCMP Cst. Andrew Curtis what made the incident remarkable was how the hunter was able to cope with the injury.

"This rescue was unusual as the injured party was so prepared," said Curtis.

"He had already made crutches and was ready to stay overnight, even though he had a broken leg."

His hunting partner, a 29-year old male, had already hiked out in order to call for assistance. 

Though an Air Ambulance helicopter was enroute to assist the injured hunter, it was unable to land in the area due to the rugged terrain, altitude and weight restrictions of the passengers.

But an RCMP helicopter from Kelowna was in the area and was able to assist with the rescue.

It transported the 63-year-old male to the Stikine Health Center in Dease Lake for medical assistance.