As excitement for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse heats up, experts are urging people to take good care of their eyes when they enjoy the spectacle in Canadian skies.

But you don't need fancy glasses or expensive equipment to watch the show. With a few, everyday household items, you can make a pinhole camera and watch the solar eclipse safely. 

Here's one simple DIY method, based on recommendations by NASA

Watch the video, or follow the instructions.

How to make a pinhole camera to see the solar eclipse0:35

What you need

✔️ A box.
✔️ Two sheets of white paper.
✔️ Aluminum foil.
✔️ Tape.
✔️ A paper clip.
✔️ A knife or scissors.

How to make it 

  1. First, cut a small piece of paper and paste it on the inside of the box.
  2. Next, cut out a hole in the box on the opposite side of the box. 
  3. Cover the hole up with tin foil and poke a small hole in the centre. 
  4. On the same side of the box, cut out another viewing hole.

And that's it! All you need to do now is look through the viewing hole to see the eclipse projection.