Hope, B.C., residents told to boil their water

The District of Hope has issued a boil water notice for an area that includes all of downtown Hope, B.C.

Water quality monitoring turned up a positive bacteria count reading

The District of Hope has issued a boil water notice for an area that includes all of downtown Hope, B.C.

In the notice posted Saturday, officials say a bacteria count reading has made the municipal water supply potentially unsafe to use for drinking, cooking, making infant formula, making ice, brushing teeth, washing produce or dishes.

The water can be made safe to drink by either first boiling it for two to three minutes, or by treating it according to instructions with bleach or chlorine/iodine tablets.

Officials say filtration systems such as Brita will not remove the potentially harmful bacteria.

The district is also asking parents and caregivers to avoid bathing young children. Instead, they could use a hand-held wand extension to give the child a shower.

The following areas in the District of Hope are not affected by the boil water notice:

  • Silver Creek
  • Lake of the Woods
  • East Kawkawa Lake
  • West Kawkawa Lake

Private wells and water systems are also unaffected.