Homicide suspect's hit list included school, group home

Two schools and a group home were on the hit list of a man suspected of killing two people in a Burnaby, B.C., sushi restaurant and wounding another, police say.

B.C. police release more details from Angus Mitchell's notes on targets

Two schools and a group home were on the hit list of a man who is suspected of killing two people in a Burnaby, B.C. sushi house and wounding another, police say.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Wednesday that one of the schools was in Burnaby, while the other school and a group home were in Surrey.

The details came just a day after police announced Angus Mitchell, 26, had developed detailed plans — including routes of attack and escape — to target six businesses and six people across Metro Vancouver.

Mitchell's hit list

  • Burnaby:
    • 1 business/restaurant
    • 1 individual
    • 1 school
  • Vancouver:
    • 1 business/coffee house
    • 1 individual
  • New Westminster:
    • 1 individual
  • Coquitlam:
    • 1 individual
    • 1 business/ landscaping
  • Port Coquitlam:
    • 1 individual
  • Surrey:
    • 1 group home
    • 1 business/restaurant
    • 1 gym
    • 1 school
    • 1 individual
  • White Rock:
    • 1 business/security

"We cannot put a number to the potential fatalities that could have come from Mr. Mitchell's premeditated plan as many of the businesses were highly populated," said Pound.

Mitchell was killed in a May 30 shootout with police officers who had tracked him down after a Maple Ridge woman, Susanne Murphy, called 911.

He is suspected of killing Huong (Andy) Tran, 36, and Chinh (Vivian) Diem Huyhn, 34, inside the sushi house and wounding a former landlord.

Motives not known

Police remain uncertain as to what motivated the attacks, but Kevin Hackett, the officer in charge of the homicide investigation team, said Tuesday that Mitchell may have had conflict with some of the individuals.

Pound declined to identify any of the names on the list, saying investigators were trying to sort through the details to determine where conflict may have existed.

However, she did identify the cities as Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey and White Rock.

Business types also included restaurants, a coffee house, a landscaping company, gym and security firm.

The hit list was not typical, Pound added, noting it was more of an "individual workup" for each person and business and included maps and escape routes.

"We know his plans were methodically thought out and prepared for each target," said Pound.

The family of Mitchell recently released, through police, a statement on the shootings, expressing their sorrow and sympathies for the victims and their families, and calling the deaths senseless.