High school student suspended after teacher eats marijuana-laced muffin

A School District 81 official told CBC News that a teacher approached administration about not feeling well. After staffers spoke to students, they determined that a teacher ate a home-made muffin laced with marijuana.

Student will remain suspended until the RCMP completes its investigation

A student in Fort Nelson, B.C., is suspended after allegedly lacing a muffin with marijuana. (CBC)

A high school teacher in British Columbia's far north may have gotten more than what he bargained for.

School District 81, which covers elementary and secondary schools in Fort Nelson, B.C., confirms a student has been suspended — accused of a culinary concoction — lacing a home-made muffin with marijuana. 

"I heard about it through the high school administration [last Friday]," said school district superintendent Diana Samchuck.

"The teacher had approached them — that he was not feeling well," noted Samchuck. 

The teacher who ate a home-made muffin laced with marijuana, works in Fort Nelson, B.C., a community of about 3,300 people. (Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce)

Administrators called the local police department after speaking with students who were believed to be "around the incident."

Staff came up with what's likely to have happened: "... a student putting marijuana in a muffin that a teacher ingested," Samchuck said. 

The teacher who ate the muffin sought medical attention and is now back at work. 

Samchuck says the student will remain suspended until the RCMP completes its investigation. 

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