A B.C. couple has placed a webcam in the den of a hibernating kermode bear. ((bcspiritbear.com))

People around the world can now go online to peek inside the den of a rare kermode bear in British Columbia while the animal hibernates.

A couple from the community of Rosswood installed the webcam after they discovered the den while hiking early last year.

It took about a year of technical challenges before they managed to get the camera working and live-streaming video onto the internet, said co-discoverer Stephanie Waymen.

Waymen said she called the B.C. Environment Ministry to let staff there know about the camera.

Large-carnivore specialist Tony Hamilton advised her to ensure it's not a female bear, which could abandon her cubs if she notices the camera, Waymen said.

The couple believes it's a male bear, and have named the animal Apollo.

The kermode is a member of the black bear family but has a recessive gene that causes its fur to appear white or cream coloured. It's found only in B.C.'s north and central coast areas.

It's not certain how many kermode bears there are.

Rosswood is about 729 kilometres north of Vancouver, or about 1,400 kilometres by road.


  • The distance between Vancouver and Rosswood is 729 kilometres, not more than 1,300 kilometres, as stated in an earlier version of this story.
    Feb 20, 2010 4:05 AM PT
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