'He gets his legs from me,' says Eddie Lack's dad

Eddie Lack, a 26-year-old Swede known as "The Stork," is the Vancouver Canucks' new number one goaltender, replacing Roberto Luongo who was traded Tuesday to the Florida Panthers.

Canucks' new number one goalie gets his sense of humour — and skinny legs — from his dad

Eddie Lack smiles after his first NHL shutout in December 2013 (CBC)

Eddie Lack, a 26-year-old Swede known as "The Stork," is the Vancouver Canucks' new number one goaltender, replacing Roberto Luongo who was traded Tuesday to the Florida Panthers.

"He's got no true definition to his legs. He looks like a stork," said Wendel Clark, general manager for the Chicago Wolves where Lack used to play. 

"He's not a bodybuilder. His legs definitely didn't see too many weights, I know that," said Clark. "But they're quick, and they're long, and they're flexible."

One man takes credit for those stork-like legs.

"He gets his legs from me," said Wille Lack, Eddie Lack's dad, in an interview with On The Coast's Stephen Quinn

"He can cover a lot of ice with those long legs."

Luongo was a role model

Lack was signed by the Canucks as a free agent in 2010, and received a two-year contract extension last November

Eddie Lack faced boos from fans during the Heritage Classic (Vancouver Canucks)

On Tuesday, Wille Lack got a late night phone call from his six-foot-five, 196-pound son with the news Luongo had been traded. 

"He was shocked. He looked up [to] Luongo. He's a role model for him, and they have great fun together." 

Lack also called his dad after the Heritage Classic game, when Vancouver fans booed Lack and chanted "We want Lu!" 

"I think Eddie understood why they were shouting. He didn't take it personally on himself," said Wille Lack.

But it was still tough for a father to watch. 

"I felt sorry for them both," he said.  

Eddie Lack is laid back 

Both his father and former general manager describe Lack as low-key. 

"Sometimes you almost get mad at him because he doesn't take enough seriously," said Clark. 

"But he focuses when it needs to be done." 

Eddie Lack is a fun-loving player, according to his dad. (nhlpa.com)

Lack likes to joke around in the locker room. His father takes credit for that sense of humour too. 

"We like to take funny pictures and send [them] to grandma. She doesn't like when you have a beer. So we usually go and buy a case of beers and sit down on a bench and take some pictures and send them to her," said Wille Lack. 

"It's kind of cruel, but she knows we're just joking around." 

Wille Lack said his son is very famous in Leksand, Sweden, where he used to play. 

"I can't walk [around] town now, because people want to ask me about Eddie," he said.

"I've got new friends now."

Wille Lack also shared one detail about his son's romantic life. His current girlfriend moved with him from Chicago to Vancouver.

"She had a big sign when she was watching the first Canucks game that said I traded my red and black for Eddie Lack," said Wille Lack. 

"He's living his dream right now, but he wants to win the Stanley Cup."

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