For forty years, bus driver Frank Jensen has taken thousands of passengers to where they need to go, becoming part of their routine and part of their lives — and he has become a part of theirs.

"To do this job for a long time, you have to really like people," Jensen said. "I just treat everyone the same.

On Thursday, it was Jensen's last day on the job after 40 years. It's the end of a long career but not the end of Jensen's relationship with many of his passengers, who consider him a trusted and reliable friend.

He was someone who greeted them at the start of each day and his riders are sad to see him go. 

One of his passengers, Louise Walker, gets a newspaper from Jensen every morning.

"I'm actually quite emotional today because I'm going to miss him so much," she said.

Walker said Jensen brightens up the bus with his huge heart and generosity.

"He's just an incredible person, he's so kind," she said.

"Just to be able to start off the day with that friendly smile, a good morning, a friendly chat, and have those fresh papers every morning."

'99.9 per cent of the world are wonderful' - Frank Jensen

"It's made a huge difference."

Terrell Pativa, 14, says Jensen was the first driver he got to know when he started taking the bus last year.

"He's just so nice and such a caring person."

"I always see that woman, she always gets the newspaper in the morning," he said. 

"He's just so nice and it's really sad to see him leave."

Before he left the driver's seat for the last time, many of Jensen's passengers wanted to take a photo with him. Others asked for his email to keep in touch.

Many were in tears as they said goodbye with a hug.

"99.9 per cent of people are wonderful," said Jensen.

with files from the CBC's Bal Brach