Melting snowman

A snowman melts in downtown Vancouver as temperatures rise. (David Horemans/CBC)

Photos by Cory Correia

With spring upon us and winter in the rear-view mirror CBC News asked people what they would say to Old Man Winter after this unusually harsh winter season. 

Laura Buker, inspired by one of her favourite songs, would tell winter it is getting its you-know-what booted out of here on the first day of spring. 

hit the road jack

Originally from Montreal, Michael Whitworth says he came to Vancouver with hopes of warmer winters, but after this chilly welcome to the West Coast, his message was blunt. 

Screw you winter

Instead of giving the cold shoulder to this chilly season, Christian Ku of Burnaby says he would keep winter warm. 

keeping winter warm

Hailing from Montreal, Ena Bendon has missed the cold winters of Quebec and calls this the most stellar winter she's ever had.

feel exhilarated

Dianne says her Coquitlam home still has snow around it and has a simple message.

winter get lost

Sayda Marin has lived in the Lower Mainland for almost 30 years but coming from Guatemala she kindly asks that next time winter shortens its stay. 

winter visit for two weeks

David Yellowley from Maple Ridge says he hasn't seen a winter like this in 20 years and says he doesn't expect to see this much snow again for a couple more decades.

winter see you in 20 years

Coming from Australia, Tina doesn't appreciate the cold and would tell Old Man Winter that he has overstayed his welcome.

winter overstayed welcome