Modern attractions let Harry Potter fans feel the rush of a quidditch match, touch the feathers of a mythical hippogriff and taste bushels of butter beer.  

But now, a more traditional approach is on tap: enjoying the film's soundtrack at the symphony.

Thursday through Saturday, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will perform the original score of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone during a real-time screening at the Vancouver Orpheum.

Justin Freer conductor/founder Cineconcerts

Justin Freer created Cineconcerts and has conducted the scores to Star Trek, The Godfather and Breakfast at Tiffany's. (CBC)

According to Justin Freer, the conductor and founder of Cineconcerts, fans will enter a world just like Harry Potter's: modern, yet imbued with old-time magic.

"This is how it was done before we ever had sound in film," Freer told The Early Edition. "Now, of course, we have 85 musicians on stage performing The Philosopher's Stone."

Scored by composer John Williams, of Star Wars fame, the inaugural Harry Potter soundtrack was nominated for best original score at the 2002 Academy Awards.

Freer's previous credits include live concert series for Star Trek, The Godfather and Breakfast at Tiffany's. He said his goal is to introduce important film scores and composers to a new audience.

"I hope [they] will listen to this, will see it, will feel it in a way that makes them inspired to go listen to more — or perhaps learn — music or learn more about movies."

Either way, Freer said, fans used to attractions old and new will come together over their love for Harry Potter.

"The world that JK Rowling has created is full of magic and adventure and I think you can escape into it in a very positive way."

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