Firefighters in Vancouver had a busy time putting out numerous spot fires sparked by Halloween fireworks and other methods, including several car fires, burning hedges and some structure fires.

Department spokesman Gabe Roder firefighters were busiest in southeast Vancouver, where a total of three hedges were set on fire, including one that damaged the siding of a home at the foot of Ontario Street  causing about $20,000 dollars in damage.

Across the city four vehicles were damaged, one by fireworks and three by arsonists trying to use accelerants to light the vehicles on fire.  

In east Vancouver someone also tried to spark a fire in a coach house by throwing a rock with a burning rag through the window, but it did not cause significant damage.

There were also a number rubbish fires as well as a tarp alongside a home that was deliberately ignited, said Roder.  

Business as usual for Halloween

Every year on Halloween it's the same thing, says Roder.

"This has been a typical Halloween again where what we're dealing with is a tremendous number of young people that are out there discharging fireworks in what I would call a very dangerous manner," he said.

Roder says despite all the public education programs in schools they're still seeing lots of dangerous activity.

"These fireworks are being fired over homes. They're being fired at buildings. They're being fired at people. It's baffling to see people still do this," he said.

"It just baffles me to see a whole bunch of young people just holding them in their hand. These are fireworks that can burn at a thousand degrees."

But Halloween is also for children and most say they can't imagine one without fireworks.

"Not really," said one trick-or-treater. "It's sort of boring, very boring I think.  I think it's much 'funner' with fireworks."

The Vancouver School Board added extra security patrols to its schools after one was damaged in a fire sparked by fireworks over the weekend.