Know a song that sends shivers up your spine?

CBC Radio's On the Coast wants to hear songs that have something dark and weird about them, or make you feel creepy and unsettled, for its 'On the Ghost' music feature.

But — as Lisa Christiansen said — they want your spooky songs, not the cheesy ones.

"I think we can all agree we've heard Monster Mash enough times for one lifetime," she said.

The team said to remember to keep it fun too — no songs so dark that On the Coast is blamed for nightmares.

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Zombie Zoo – Tom Petty

Michael Morgan wrote: "If people can't get up and shake a limb or two (hopefully not to the point of detachment) to this song, then they must truly be dead."

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

Nigel O'Neil wrote: "Best of all, the gothic ghost story on the "winding, windy moors" is over in four minutes and 28 seconds, which is more enjoyable than slogging through the novel."

Demon Host – Timber Timbre

Jen Whiffin wrote: "A quick search on Wikipedia resulted in this quote (which I think perfectly sums up the band's sound to me): 'an aesthetic rooted in swampy, ragged blues' and 'beautifully restrained blues from an alternate universe, which creates an atmosphere that is cinematic and spooky.'"

The Turkish Song of the Damned – The Pogues

Adam Tondowsky wrote: "The Pogues were a great band mostly from the 1980s with the wonderful lyricist Shane McGowan and excellent Irish musicians. Shane McGowan sometimes wrote songs about the paranormal."

McGowan, from the Pogues, has previously explained the story behind the song: "It's about a guy on a Turkish island who deserted a sinking ship with all the money and all his mates went down. He's haunted and he's dancing around with all this Turkish music in his brain...Then his best mate comes back, and all the crew, to drag him back down to hell or wherever they are."