The NDP opposition has revealed that a hacker in the Netherlands broke into the provincial government's computer network last month.

NDP house leader Mike Farnworth said the incident raises "serious questions," and wants the information and privacy commissioner investigate the breach.

The government had issued an internal alert on Feb. 3, called in the RCMP and 78 computers were blocked off and their hard drives erased.

Labour Minister Mike de Jong says the hacker didn't retrieve any confidential information. Instead, he says, they were trying to deposit programs and movie files on the government's network.

"The important point to emphasize is that this is not a case of privacy being compromised." said the minister.

The government is not characterizing this as a security breach, but B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis says it does raise the issue.

"If you're able to make use of desktops' computer hard drives to deposit information, it does raise the question of, 'Isn't this a breach of security?' But again we'll have to look into that."

He says if the hacker had been able to get access to confidential files, it would have warranted a full investigation. Otherwise, he says it's a routine computer security issue.

The Campbell government has been under attack this week because of the sale of computer tapes containing sensitive personal information.