Gunshots ring out in Delta, Surrey street shootings

In two unrelated incidents, two cars were seen speeding and weaving in and out of traffic as shots were fired between them in Surrey, and police found bullets and bullet casings littering the ground after shots were fired on a Delta street.

No injuries reported, but bullets strike cars in two incidents Saturday afternoon and early Sunday

Police in Delta look for bullets and bullet casings after gunshots are reported near the intersection of Scott Road and Wade Road in the early hours of July 13, 2014. (CBC)

Police south of the Fraser River are investigating two unrelated cases of gunshots fired on the streets, where no one was reported to be injured.

At 2 a.m. PT Sunday morning, a number of cars were hit by bullets in the area of Scott and Wade roads in Delta, B.C.

Police found shell casings littering the roadway, but not much else — and no victims.

About 12 hours earlier, at just after 1 p.m. PT Saturday, a number of witnesses called 911 after seeing two cars, a white Nissan and a black Mercedes, speeding and cutting in and out of traffic near 139 Street and 88 Avenue in Surrey.

One or more people inside the white Nissan was shooting at the black Mercedes, and some witnesses also saw someone in the Mercedes shooting back.

The two cars were last seen speeding away to the south. Then, 25 minutes later, police received a call reporting that a white Nissan and a black Mercedes, both speeding and cutting into traffic, were heading east on Fraser Highway near 155 Street.

"It is unknown if the vehicles in the second incident are the same ones as the first, but due to the close time frame and the closeness to the area of the original incident they may be related," a written statement from Surrey RCMP read.

Police did not receive any reports of injuries, but did find a vehicle that had been hit by one of the bullets.

Authorities are asking any other witnesses or anyone with information on the shootings to call police.