The provincial government has launched a month-long campaign to get gun owners to turn in any unwanted weapons without fear of prosecution.

Authorities says they would like to recover some of the estimated 90,000 rifles and handguns in B.C. that are not part of the national gun registry.

Attorney General Wally Oppal said gun owners can avoid charges as long as their weapons haven't been used to commit a crime.

"I have instructed our prosecutors not to lay any charges, so there will not be any prosecutions for the month of June, as long as the guns have not been part of any unlawful activity."

However, Solicitor General John Les cautions gun owners not to take their weapons to their local local police station.

"No, absolutely not. If you show up at the police station with a gun, probably some unpleasant things will happen."

He said people who want to turn guns in should call police, who will come and pick them up.