Guilty verdict in Fountainhead Pub assault

A provincial court judge in Vancouver has found a man accused of punching another man in a gay bar on Davie Street guilty of aggravated assault.

A Vancouver man has been found guilty of sucker-punching another man at a gay bar on Davie Street last year.

Shawn Woodward, 37, was found guilty of aggravated assault in a decision handed down in a Vancouver courtroom on Wednesday.

During the trial, Woodward admitted to punching Richard Dowrey, 62, in the Fountainhead Pub last year.

However, he claimed Dowrey was making unwanted sexual advances towards him at the bar, and argued the punch was thrown in self-defence.

Dowrey was left with a devastating brain injury and will require assistance for the rest of his life. He has no memory of the assault and did not testify during the trial.

The judge found Woodward's evidence was not credible, that there was no sexual assault and that Woodward was offended at being approached in the Fountainhead Pub.

Dowrey's friends and family, who attended the trial, say the attack was a hate crime.

Several witnesses who were in the bar testified during the trial that Woodward uttered several homophobic slurs before punching Dowrey.

A decision on whether the assault will be ruled a hate crime will be made at sentencing, which is set for September.