WildSafeBC, the District of Squamish and the Conservation Officer Service have issued a wildlife email alert warning of a grizzly bear sighting in the Cheekye Fan area north of Squamish.

The area includes the Squamish River to the west, the Ray Peters Trail network and north of the landfill on Squamish Valley Road.

Trails are not being closed at this time, but the district is advising people to avoid the area. If you do choose to use the trails, officials says keep dogs on a leash, and make noise and use your voice to avoid surprise encounters.

The Conservation Service says if you encounter a bear, stop, stay calm, and back away slowly. Talk calmly and never run or turn your back on the bear.

The District of Squamish says any sightings should be reported to the Conservation Officer Service's 24 hour hotline at 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).

Those who wish to sign up for direct wildlife alerts, can do so here.

On mobile? Click here to see a map of the Cheekye Fan area


The difference between the two types of bears is not always apparent at a glance. Conservation officials advise to look for a combination of characteristics. (District of Squamish)