British Columbia is known as a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts — so much so that mountain bikers are finding ways to navigate even the most rugged terrain with a new sport known as gravity assisted mountain biking.

The sport involves hopping onto a helicopter or bush plane, heading to a remote, alpine location, and riding out on your bike. Sometimes the rides take a few days or a few hours, but they always take place in the backcountry.

Though the experience sounds like it should be reserved for professional or hardcore bikers, Sam Waddington, owner of Mt. Waddington's Outdoors in Chilliwack, says it can be for anybody.

"I think the best part is you start in the alpine, you have that alpine experience, the beautiful vistas, and then you enter down into the forest and you have that whole B.C. old growth forest component as well," he told Our Vancouver's Duncan McCue.

To find out more about gravity assisted mountain biking, watch the video to hear Sam Waddington discuss the sport with Our Vancouver's Duncan McCue.