Vancouver city councillor Tim Stevenson, who performed the first same-sex marriage in British Columbia, is now a married man himself.

Tim Stevenson (File photo)

Stevenson tied the knot Tuesday night with Gary Patterson, his partner of 22 years.

It was a small affair – with just Stevenson, Patterson and four friends in attendance – all of them ordained ministers in the United Church.

Stevenson says it was important to him to have the relationship legally recognized now.

He says he's worried a Conservative majority government could stop other same-sex couples from following in his footsteps.

"I think if Mr. Harper becomes prime minister and has a majority government, that he'll appoint people to the Supreme Court – and there's are two openings coming up – that will undoubtedly be opposed, and that will make a huge difference."

Stevenson is also worried that if the issue of same-sex marriage ever came before a Conservative majority in the House of Commons, it would be defeated.

Patterson and Stevenson held a church ceremony two years ago, but vowed that one day they would make their marriage legal.

"We knew that come the day that it was possible to have a legal marriage, we would do that," says Stevenson.

Stevenson left his city hall office just two hours before his wedding, trailing a string of tin cans that city staff had tied to his bumper.