Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan said Friday he will not be intimidated by the actions of poverty activists who dumped garbage in front of his condominium building to protest against the prolonged civic strike.


The entrance to Mayor Sam Sullivan's condo building was awash in garbage strewn by the protesters. ((Lesley Pritchard/CBC))

Sullivan said he has no problem with political attacks but feels that the activists crossed the line by dumping five overflowing grocery carts of garbage at his Vancouver condominium door onFriday morning.

"It's a very frustrating time for all of us,'' he said. "But one of my commitments is that no matter what kind of personal or political attacks I receive, my goal is to look after all of the taxpayers, all of the citizens."

Vancouver police were on the scene of the incident Friday morning, which activists have said was an act of protestthe civic strike, which is entering its second month.


A witness said half a dozen young people rolled up with shopping carts full of garbage. ((Glenn Weston/CBC))

Patricia Chu, who lives in Sullivan's trendy downtown Vancouver neighbourhood, said she was coming out of her home at6:30 a.m. when she saw half a dozen "young kids in black hoodies" quickly wheel up the carts, spread the garbage around and write obscenities about the 2010 Winter Olympics on the sidewalk.

"Some of them were pushing these carts and unloading garbage and others are writing on the sidewalk. [They're] very co-ordinated, very quick, in and out in 10 minutes," Chu told CBC News Friday morning.

Three Vancouver police officers called to the building helped clear the garbage.

Police are investigating the incident.