Journalist Laura Robinson denies the story she authored last year about former 2010 Olympic head John Furlong is defamatory.

Robinson filed her response to Furlong's civil suit against her and the Georgia Straight newspaper, on Monday.

The article published last September alleged Furlong physically abused and bullied former students he taught in Burns Lake, B.C., in the 1960s.

Robinson insists what she wrote is true and constitutes fair comment and responsible communication on matters of public interest. 

Furlong has vehemently denied the allegations.

His suit also claims Robinson defamed him after the article appeared by sending  an email to the CEO of Own the Podium referring to Furlong's "violence against women and children".

In her defence, Robinson raised new allegations about Furlong's past personal relationships she claims she learned about only after her story was published.  

Furlong says the new allegations accusing him of other acts of abuse are "completely unfounded."

Furlong issued a statement through the Twentyten Group, the consulting company he works with, saying he will respond in court to the latest claims made by Robinson.

"While John is confident he will ultimately be vindicated by the court, his primary concern right now is the irreparable harm being caused to his family by this unfounded attack on his character and reputation," the statement said.

None of the claims by either side has been proven in court.