A duck farmer in Langley, B.C., says some minks freed by an animal rights group viciously killed dozens of his ducks and he wants someone to take responsibility.

Jae Woodlock lives in an area where several mink farms operate. The sleek little creatures are harvested for their coats.

But earlier this month activists from the Animal Liberation Front allegedly freed 800 mink from a farm in nearby Abbotsford during a raid.

Woodlock blames the escaped minks for slaughtering 32 ducks on his property.

"It was pretty morbid, man. It was just blood. They're nasty little animals," said Woodlock.

Woodlock says he's on disability and sold the ducks for income. He says the mink farmers should compensate him for his lost income.

"The mink farmer told me I should secure my ducks better. Okay, so vice versa bud. Secure your mink better so these activists nuts can't go in there. I don't want to go in there and let all his dumb animals out. I just want to be able to raise my ducks."

Animal Liberation Front spokesman Dr. Jerry Vlasak denies they are responsible and says the mink industry is to blame for Woodlock's loss.

"Who should be accountable is the people sticking these animals in tiny cages and trying to make a profit off of their skin."            

There are over a dozen licensed mink farms in B.C. Most of them are in the Fraser Valley.

With files from the CBC's Annie Ellison