The Vancouver Park Board voted last night to approve a motion to develop a plan for free public Wi-Fi in parks and beaches.

The motion calls on the city's chief digital officer and park board staff to come up with a time-line and estimated costs to make the plan a reality,

According to park board commissioner Trevor Loke, who tabled the motion, free Wi-Fi gives people options in how they choose to enjoy park space.

Free public Wi-Fi

Two friends consult their mobile device. Park Board Commissioner Trevor Loke thinks the city should offer free Wi-Fi to improve quality of life and enhance the economy. (CBC)

"We want to expand on the city's digital strategy, which talks about public Wi-Fi being an option across the city. I think it is important that the park board be a part of that," said Loke.

"We also think it is important look at partnerships with private enterprise that are providing these options, that we can work with them on potential roll outs. So we want to consider all options."

VOTE: should there be free Wi-Fi in Vancouver parks?