Charlie Lake B.C. child found safe after 12 hour police containment of home

Police still to update details of standoff with a man in the residence after a woman made a domestic complaint and escaped the house.

Woman flees home after phoning police, officers struggle to contact man inside with toddler

Police and emergency responders set up a containment area around a home in Charlie Lake B.C. for 12 hours after a woman called in a domestic complaint. (Steve LePlaca)

After a 12 hour containment of a home in Charlie Lake B.C. by RCMP, officers now say a toddler who was inside with his father — who refused to respond to police calls — is now safe.

The incident began around 11:45 a.m. MST in the Charlie Lake area of Rimrock Drive outside of Fort St. John when police said a woman who had called in a domestic complaint escaped from the residence, but her two-year-old son was still inside with the father.

When repeated attempts by police to contact the man inside the home failed, police surrounded the residence with what they described as a containment.

Neighbours like Alli Peck were asked to leave their homes while the operation took place.

Police say the man involved in a 12-hour standoff Sunday was found dead inside a home in in Charlie Lake, B.C. The toddler inside the house was unharmed. (Steve LePlaca)

She told CBC News that she could see a sniper and that tactical police were on her property.

Peck says she originally left her home shortly after lunch on Sunday with one of her kids to run some errands. When she returned RCMP had blocked access to her house.

She says she had to explain that her three other children were still at home. Police let her pick them up and she left for a friend's house. She has since checked into a hotel for the night. 

Meanwhile, police used the staff parking lot of Jackfish Dundees restaurant as a staging point for their vehicles.

Greg Hornshaw, who owns the restaurant, says the incident was," not something we'd see here [in Charlie Lake], on a regular basis."

Peck agreed

"I think everybody is just really surprised and shocked. It's something that's never happened," she added saying she's lived in Fort St. John for 20 years.

"It's a small community, everybody kind of knows each other and supports each other. It's definitely a shock especially since none of us actually are aware of this neighbour either."

Police have not yet released other details other than to say that the 2-year-old boy is safe.