A float plane bound for Vancouver from Powell River lost its propeller mid-flight and was forced to make an impromptu water landing in Halfmoon Bay Monday afternoon.

Halfmoon Bay, B.C.Halfmoon Bay, B.C.

Sunshine Coast RCMP Cpl. Steven Chubey said both of the plane's pontoons were damaged by the propeller, but held up for a successful emergency landing around 1:40 p.m. PT.

Canadian Marine Search and Rescue found the plane, a Seair Beaver DHC-2, afloat in the bay and with the help of two other boats, towed it to shore.

The pilot and the three passengers were not injured, Chubey said.

"Losing a propeller is certainly an uncommon occurrence," Chubey said in a written statement. "Luckily, the pontoons have several compartments, which contributed to the sea plane staying afloat."

He said the Transportation Safety Board of Canada will be investigating why the propeller malfunctioned.

Terry Hiebert, operations manager at Seair, said the pilot had 25 years of flying experience.

"The pilot was pretty shook up, but he did a pretty good job landing it and no injuries that we know of. Everybody's fine," he said, adding that he's never heard of a propeller coming off a beaver aircraft.

"All of our aircraft are meticulously maintained. There are numerous things that could have happened. Whatever it was, we'll find it."