Whale, whale, whale — what do we have here?

A driver cruising through Delta, B.C. had his car impounded after being pulled over for speeding on Wednesday.

Police said he was going 50 km/h over the posted limit, but the real concern was the car itself.

The vehicle was adorned with buoys, rope, a life jacket, a life ring and a crab trap, along with a full-blown motor attached to the trunk (No word on whether or not the motor contributed to the speeding.)

fish car

With a bike tire thrown around the engine, to boot. (Delta Police)

Police said they issued the driver a $368 ticket "based on the 'accessories' on his vehicle, and that it was clearly unsafe to other drivers on the road." 

"In all seriousness, due to the speed at which this vehicle was travelling and its condition, issuing a ticket and towing the vehicle was warranted and appropriate," police said.

They also said the car will have to be fully inspected before it can be allowed on the road again. 

"This 'catch of the day' serves as a reminder to all drivers to obey the posted speed limit on all roads and highways."