Two boats sank and multiple boats are damaged after a fire broke out late Friday night at the Reed Point Marina in Port Moody.

Port Moody Fire Chief Ron Coulson said crews responded to the scene just after midnight. They discovered four boats fully engulfed in flames on Pier 17.

Two of the boats were destroyed and two were heavily damaged. A number of other boats and parts of the marina dock received minor and moderate damage, said Coulson.

Burned boat removal Reed Point Marina

One of the boats that burned in a fire at the Reed Point Marina was removed from the water on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018. (Doug Kerr/CBC)

According to Coulson, it appears the fire started near the two boats that ended up sinking, but the origin is still being investigated.

About 24 firefighters and the Canadian Coast Guard responded to the fire, said Coulson, adding the Canadian Coast Guard is assessing the environmental impact.