Final chapter for landmark Ladner bookstore

It's the final chapter for a Ladner landmark. Bryan`s Book Store is closing up shop this week, after 35 years in the business.

Bryan`s Books closing up shop after 35 years in the business

Gord Trickett of Bryan's Books will miss the used bookshop his father founded in 1978. The shop closes at the end of this month. (Margaret Gallagher)

It's the final chapter for a Ladner landmark. Bryan's Book Store is closing up shop this week, after 35 years in the business.

Gordon Trickett inherited the shop from his father Neil, who named the bookstore after his first grandson. Trickett says the shop has specialized in used books —  all bought, sold and traded from locals.

"We were always supported by the fishermen. The locals for sure. It's been a Ladner icon for the past 35 years."

Bryan's Book Store stocked thousands of books at any given time. Now they're selling off their stock as they prepare to close their doors for good.

"We're at the end of the lease and we decided not to renew the lease," says Trickett.

"We've noticed that reading habits of the community has changed. Not as many people read as much as they used to, seems to us anyway, because we've seen a decline."

Trickett says he is not convinced the drop in book sales can be blamed on the shift to electronic readers.

"Some people say they've got their e-readers, that type of thing. But awful lot of people don't like using them."

Nevertheless, he says the decision to close the shop was not an easy one.

"Awful lot of people upset, everyone I talk to around town. My grandson, I take him to school every morning...a lot of the parents remember the book store from when they were young and their parents used to bring them in to pick up books. They're really sad to see it go."

The shop closes for good on November 30. Until then, Trickett says they will try to sell as much of the stock as possible. The rest they will give away to charity

"I'm looking now for places I can donate the majority of them, be it'll all be charitable. Any that's left, I'll find a home for them for sure."


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