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A woman from Surrey, B.C., is facing assault charges after she allegedly threatened to kill a mother and her three children on board a bus.

A video of the altercation has been capturing attention on YouTube. 

According to RCMP Const. Holly Marks, the incident began around 10:20 a.m. PT on Tuesday when a woman boarded a bus heading from Surrey to Langley, and ended up arguing with the bus driver over non-payment of fare.

"A number of the passengers were actually perturbed by the profane language she was using, so they asked her to stop swearing," said Marks.

"Sadly, that caused her to divert her anger toward them, including this one woman, who she threatened to kill both her and her children."

The woman then allegedly threw a drink at a baby.

"The mother of the three children was actually upset with this, so there ended up being a bit of a physical altercation between the two women," said Marks.

Suspect known to police

The mother then apparently began pummelling the woman as another passenger on board the bus captured the fight on a cellphone video, and later posted it to YouTube. 

"At a certain point they get off the bus and they separate and the woman is heading toward the mall with her children, and the suspect actually chases her and knocks over her four-year-old daughter coming towards her, kicks her two-year-old and actually pulls a knife on her and again is threatening her," said Marks.

The confrontation ended near Willowbrook Mall.

Police arrested a suspect at her home in Surrey.

Leah MacKay, 44, appeared in court Wednesday charged with one count of assault, two counts of assault with a weapon, and one count of uttering threats. Court documents indicate the weapon involved was a can opener and not a knife.

The mother is not facing charges in the incident, and the court issued a publication ban to protect her children from being identified.

Police said apart from some scrapes and bumps, nobody was seriously injured.