Two men are in hospital with serious burns after a white panel van caught fire when it crashed into a concrete wall at 53rd and Oak streets in Vancouver around 3 p.m. PT. Monday afternoon.

Police initially said there was equipment or chemicals for a meth lab in the van, but later said this could no longer be confirmed, and that the occupants of the van had fled after the crash.

On Monday evening, police released a statement saying gasoline, not chemicals or a meth lab, seems to have caused the fire and explosions that destroyed the van.

Then on Tuesday morning, police released a statement saying two Coquitlam men, aged 19 and 25, walked into Eagle Ridge Hospital with serious burns to their upper body, arms, hands, head and face.

The men remain in hospital in serious condition. No charges have been laid.

Police are continuing to investigate the collision and trying to determine who is the owner of the van.

During the crash, another vehicle was struck and police say two occupants of that car were taken to hospital with minor injuries.