A 49-year-old man stopped for driving 181 km/h in his Ferrari, with a child in the car, has been fined $483 for excessive speeding and his vehicle impounded for seven days.

The RCMP's Fraser Valley Integrated Road Safety Unit stopped the man heading southbound on 176 Street at 32 Ave in his 2005 Ferrari F430 in Surrey on Saturday.

"Despite the driver's extremely excessive speed, the real surprise for officers was when they saw a young child in the vehicle with the man," said Cpl. Robert McDonald in a statement issued on Thursday morning.

When ask why he was speeding, he replied he was "just testing the car" because he purchased the vehicle two days prior, said McDonald.

"What's more, the driver admitted to police that he was aware that very intersection was the scene of the horrific motor vehicle accident where an entire family lost their lives," said McDonald in the statement.

 "I don't know how someone could put a child at risk like that."