Sales of FareSaver paper tickets have ended, as TransLink prepares for a full switchover to the Compass card system — although it won't say when that will actually happen.

TransLink says riders can use any FareSaver tickets they still have lying around on SkyTrain and SeaBus "until all gates close at a later time" and on buses indefinitely.

When pressed, a spokesperson insisted TransLink did not yet have a firm date for closing the new faregates.

"We're not able to provide a ballpark time on gate closure," said media relations manager Cheryl Ziola.

"We want to ensure we get it right for our customers. Once we're confident all of our customers have had time to use up their FareSavers and switch to Compass, we'll look at closing the gates."

Ziola said currently each station has at least one accessible gate open for those not using Compass cards, but she encouraged riders to use up their Faresavers then switch to the new system.

"Unused FareSavers can be converted to "stored value" at the Compass customer service centre at Stadium-Chinatown station," said Ziola.

How to get a Compass card


Compass cards require a $6 deposit. Once purchased, users can load up "stored value" to pay for a monthly pass or individual rides. (Lisa Johnson/CBC)

As of Feb. 2, more than 575,000 transit users have so far purchased the new cards, with between 1,000 and 2,000 cards being sold per day as of the end of last year.

The new cards require a $6 deposit. Once purchased, users can load up a monthly pass or "stored value" to pay for individual rides. Compass cards charge the same rate for rides, including the discount, as the old FareSaver tickets.

You can order a Compass card online or by phone or buy it from:

  • Vending machines at SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express stations
  • BC Ferries terminals in Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen
  • 18 London Drugs stores
  • "FareDealer" convenience stores

Preloaded Compass cards are also available at most FareDealer stores, allowing transit riders to travel immediately without needing to register the cards or load stored value.