Staff at Library Square Pub in Vancouver say Canucks jerseys are normally banned after 10 p.m., but the rules have been relaxed during the playoffs. ((CBC))

Playoff fever may be sweeping the city, but infected Vancouver Canucks fans are not always welcome in at least one downtown pub.

Mark James told CBC News he was kicked out of the Library Square Pub on West Georgia Street for wearing a Canucks jersey immediately after the team won its second playoff game against St. Louis on Friday night.

James said he went to the pub, which is about three blocks away from General Motors Place, to watch the game on the bar's big screen TV.

He said he watched the game, had a meal and some beers with friends, all while wearing a Canucks jersey, hat and jacket.

But as soon as the game ended, he said his jersey suddenly became blacklisted attire at the pub.

"Five minutes after the game ended, the doorman came around telling us we had to take our jerseys off. I thought he was joking," said James.


Mark James says he was told to remove his Canucks jersey or leave the Library Square Pub as soon as Friday's game ended. ((CBC))

But it was no joke. When James refused to take off his jersey, a manager came over to his table and after several minutes of arguing, he and his friend Simon Postma were asked to leave the bar, he said.

"The reasoning was dress code. The jersey is not a part of their dress code," James said.

"It's a shot at hockey fans in general, but mainly Canuck hockey fans ... They are a few blocks away from the stadium and it was a playoff night, so Canucks pride themselves on saying, 'We are all Canucks.' But obviously Library Square isn't part of that group," James said.

Initially, a manager for the Library Square Pub told CBC News the bar has a 'no jerseys' rule after 10 p.m. to discourage rival fans from fighting.

Later, a more senior manager told CBC News that James and his friend were not kicked out because of their jerseys, but because they were drunk, and the pub's rule on jerseys has been relaxed during the playoffs.

The two fans deny they were intoxicated or acting rowdy, but admit they did argue with pub staff over the jersey rule.

James said he's watched games at Library Square Pub in the past, but will take his money elsewhere as he cheers on the Canucks.