A new immigrant family says they are happy they moved to Vancouver, and they have created a YouTube video to prove it.

Amina and Loig Morin moved to Vancouver from France four years ago with their two young children, and say it was the best decision they ever made. They say Vancouver does not deserve its reputation as a cold or unfriendly city.

"Everybody was so welcoming, warm and friendly," said Amina Morin in an interview with CBC Radio's Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. 

"Even on the bus, I have met people."

The couple enlisted their friends to help create a YouTube video featuring people dancing to the Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, falling off a paddleboard, and showshoeing in the local mountains as a thank you to the city.

Similar videos inspired by "Happy" have been made by people across the globe.