B.C. couple wants to sell 1930s pub after buying it on fortune cookie advice

After 13 years of being "the only pub in town" the Falkland Pub is looking for a new owner to take the helm of the saloon-style establishment dating from 1937.

'Come for the stories, leave with your own' is the motto of the owners of the saloon-style pub built in 1937

The Falkland Pub, located between Vernon and Kamloops, is up for sale after 13 years of ownership by Jeff and Julie Kirkham. (Falkland Pub/Facebook)

After 13 years of being "the only pub in town" the Falkland Pub in the small community of the same name between Vernon and Kamloops is looking for a new owner.

Falkland, B.C. residents Jeff and Julie Kirkham, who wanted to cross running a pub off their bucket list, were encouraged by a fortune cookie premonition.

"Before we purchased the pub, we opened a fortune cookie and it said, 'You will be successful in business,'" Jeff said.

"We've always enjoyed being on the other side of the bar enjoying a beer and never really tried owning a pub. It was something we wanted to take a shot at."

Over a decade later as retirement approaches, the couple is looking for someone younger to take pub in a new direction.

"It's sad in a way, but I guess it's time for us. We're looking forward to retirement and something a little slower paced."

Saloon-style pub built in 1937

The ideal candidate would be outgoing, welcoming and community oriented, according to Kirkham.

"One of our logos is, 'Come for the stories and leave with your own,' and I'm sure that's just what they will find if they take on the pub."

A motto the Kirkhams have lived by for the last 13 years of owning the Falkland Pub is "come for the stories, leave with your own." (Falkland Pub/Facebook)

The saloon-style pub built in 1937 serves as a popular pit stop for bikers and tourists travelling through the area.

Their grand opening in 2003 happened just before the May long weekend, one of the busiest weekends of the year in the area because of the Falkland stampede.

"The stampede weekends in Falkland are always a fun event, and ramping up for it and going through it is always quite an experience," Jeff said.

"It's been a tradition. We help a motorcycle up the front steps and he comes in and does a little bit of a burn out and generally proceeds down the back steps of the pub afterwards to great cheering and clapping."

The suite above the watering hole served as the Kirkham's living quarters for the first two years of business as they learned the ins and outs of running a pub.

Julie and Jeff Kirkham decided to buy the Falkland Pub because they wanted to cross running a pub off their bucket list, and it was a fortune cookie that gave them the encouragement to go through with it. (Falkland Pub/Facebook)

"The community was quite accommodating and quite forgiving with us, we were very inexperienced when we took on the pub. We were rookies, didn't know much about it, and everyone coached us along."

The two are excited to see what adventures await them beyond pub life, but for now all they have planned is some rest and recreation.

"We have not made any plans and that's the way we wanted it. We just wanted to take a few months and gather our thoughts and look at what might come next."

With files from the CBC's Radio West.

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