A bald eagle dubbed Nanoose, which was rescued by a Vancouver Island fisherman, who found the exhausted bird floundering in the ocean near Nanoose Bay, has died.

The eagle's rescue was caught on video back in September, and shows the tired, juvenile bird appearing to swim toward the sport fishing boat before being helped aboard by fisherman Don Dunbar.

The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta, which had been caring for the eagle, said it died Wednesday night. 

O.W.L. rescuers said Nanoose was treated for an E. coli, infection, anemia and ongoing emaciation. However, preliminary results show the bird likely died from a virus in its brain.

"There were tears at O.W.L today, as we became very close to her," said the society in a post to its Facebook page.

"There will be a necropsy done to try and find out what caused her death. We would like to thank all the veterinarians who tried their best to cure her ailments. She is free of any struggle now, and we will miss her."

The bird had been too exhausted to fly when it was brought to the society, which reported the malnourished animal ate a whole quail upon arrival at its facility.

Bald eagle rescue on YouTube

Video of the juvenile eagle's rescue near Nanoose Bay shows how tired it was. (Irsrugby1/YouTube)