B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix is keeping mum on the details of a letter he sent to the Mounties which apparently triggered an RCMP investigation into the Liberal government's ethnic outreach scandal.

Dix declined to outline the information when he spoke to The Canadian Press yesterday — and maintained his silence this morning — but he is insisting his complaint, which has sparked a police investigation and appointment of a special prosecutor, is not sour grapes.

"Information came forward about this issue that we raised in the legislature, very significant information that the government had previously kept hidden...and we thought it appropriate to forward that evidence to the RCMP, and that's what we've done," Dix said Friday morning in Vancouver.

Elections B.C. spokesman Don Main confirmed the Mounties contacted chief electoral officer Keith Archer last month about a complaint related to the Elections Act, but Main didn't provide details about the complaint.

A Liberal cabinet minister, senior bureaucrat and high ranking staffer in Premier Christy Clark's office quit after the NDP released email documenting a Liberal party strategy that included using provincial government workers — some paid by the party — to develop policies aimed at appealing to ethnic voters.

News of the RCMP investigation into alleged violations of the B.C. Elections Act linked to the government strategy broke Thursday, when B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch revealed criminal lawyer David Butcher had been appointed as a special prosecutor in the case.

No charges have been laid in the investigation.