The Township of Esquimalt, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, wants to dump the Victoria police force in favour of the RCMP.

Mayor Barb Desjardin said the RCMP's bid to provide policing fits the bill when it comes to cost and the model that her town favours.

The request has been in the hands of Solicitor General Shirley Bond since June, but Desjardin said the town made the information public now to appease voters and the province, which has requested more details about the plan.

"What this does is assist the community to have a more fulsome discussion," she said. "It also allows us to go the proponent to get the information the solicitor general requires."

Victoria Police Chief Jamie Graham said he welcomes the chance to provide more information to Solicitor General Shirley Bond, and believes it can only help his department's bid.

"There's a lot of issues to be considered and I think at the end of the day the province will make the right decision and I am optimistic it's going to be us," Graham said.

Bond requests more information

Meanwhile, the Bond has asked Esquimalt to provide more details on its request to contract out police services to the RCMP.

"One of the things that I regret is the uncertainty that this has caused, both for the police officers who work there and for the residents of the township of Esquimalt," said Bond.

"But we have to get to the bottom of this and it needs to be sorted out, which is why we've brought someone in who will help to mediate the situation between the two parties. And I want to make sure we have a sound fiscal plan and a thoughtful business case."

Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin, however, wants Bond to instead order a region-wide amalgamation of all eight police forces.

"Now is the time for leadership from the province," Fortin said.

"We've always recognized throughout the region that a regional police force, an integrated police force, is the way to move forward in the region. Recognizing that is the best way to get good quality, effective policing so we see this as a step backwards."